Sunday, August 5, 2007

Exciting News!

Hey, everybody! A few days ago, Aaron(our producer) sent out a call for volunteers on Craigslist and, and the response has been absolutely amazing! A HUGE thank you to everybody who's responded so far.

Because of the incredible interest that's been expressed, we're speeding up the organization phase for both Catholic America and the program's parent company, Oasis Productions. We're in the process of producing a promo video explaining what we're doing, and we'll be pulling everyone together in a big brainstorming meeting/conference call in the near future. Look for the date of that, coming up soon.

Hey, do YOU want to be involved in the adventure of producing quality Catholic programming, either with Catholic America or other upcoming projects? You don't have to be an experienced cinematographer to help. Here's a quick list of some people we could really use to get this ministry off the ground:
  • Videographers
  • Editors
  • Musicians
  • Graphic Artists
  • Grips ("roadies")
  • Sound people (both for monitoring sound on-shoot and for later mixing)
  • Research Assistants
  • Legal (to help us with the ins and outs of permissions, etc.)
  • Scheduling
  • Costume/Makeup
  • Logistics
  • Accounting
  • Donations/Sponsors
  • Fundraisers
  • Hospitality while we're in your area
  • Marketing
  • Anyone with tips on cool Catholics and their ministries!

Keep those expressions of interest coming, and if you want to drop us a note with a tip or a question, feel free to do that as well. You can reach Catholic America and Oasis Productions at or by phone at 740-275-4116.

Pax everybody!


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